American Rhododendron Society

Rhododendrons in Pennís Woods

Eastern Regional
Fall 2009 Conference
October 22-25, 2009

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Breaking News: Foliage Show and Memorial Tributes to Hank Schannen and Joe Becales

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The Inspiring Talks of the Fall Meeting are:

Adam Levine and Robert Cardillo are the award-winning author and photographer of A Guide to the Great Gardens of the Philadelphia Region. They will provide an intimate look at this region's 300-year horticultural heritage. The Garden Writers of America named their book “Best of the Year.” Signed copies will be available for sale. Adam Levine is an award-winning garden writer whose work has appeared in many regional and national magazines. Rob Cardillo is a Philadelphia-based professional photographer, formerly the Director of Photography at Organic Gardening magazine. His work now appears in Garden Design, Horticulture, Better Homes and Gardens, and numerous other publications.   [return to top]
Robert Herald is a botanist who is currently working as a plant recorder at Tyler Arboretum and Chanticleer Garden. For the past three years he has been evaluating the John C. Wister collection of rhododendrons at Tyler Arboretum. John Wister was a renowned horticulturist and author, Director both of the Arthur Hoyt Scott Horticultural Foundation at Swarthmore College and of the John J. Tyler Arboretum, and recipient of the ARS Gold Medal. Robert’s work has involved ARS Chapters and members in efforts to restore the Wister collection and preserve it for the future. Robert will highlight the history of the arboretum and its cherished position in the area’s horticultural heritage. He previously worked at Longwood Gardens as a curatorial assistant and as head gardener of Longwood’s Hillside Garden.   [return to top]
Joel T. Fry is curator of Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia, America’s first botanical garden. He is an archaeologist, who began his involvement with the garden as a student. He continues today conducting research on the botanical history of the Bartrams, John and his son William. They were unique figures in 18th-Century America, homegrown natural scientists and practical gardeners, who are credited with identifying and introducing into cultivation more than 200 of our native plants. Joel will recount the history of this outstanding family and will look specifically at some of the rhododendron species the Bartrams discovered and introduced to gardens in North America and Europe.   [return to top]
Tom Ahern has been hybridizing rhododendrons for well over twenty years. His initial interest was to create hardy yellow and orange blooming rhododendrons with attractive form and foliage. After a trip to the west coast in 1995 he became interested in the unique look of species plants that grow well there. Tom began hybridizing with these species to try to bring heat and cold hardiness into them for eastern gardens. His presentation will show the interesting results of his and other eastern Pennsylvania hybridizers. Tom is also an outstanding bird carver.   [return to top]
Sally and John Perkins are known for their photography, enthusiasm and fast-paced talks. Their love of woodland wildflowers and native deciduous azaleas that complement them will captivate you. From spring ephemerals to hardy groundcovers they will highlight familiar and uncommon plants that add interest and diversity to a garden. Sally’s education is in botany and cell biology. John is a computer software engineer and Webmaster of the Massachusetts Chapter’s website. Sally and John both are researchers for the Veterans Administration in Boston.   [return to top]
Donald W. Hyatt is a retired high school teacher from McLean, VA, whose educational background is in horticulture, biochemistry and computer science. He is well known for his tireless interest in rhododendrons and native plants, his photography, articles, botanical illustrations and extensive personal website. Don is a recipient of the ARS Silver Medal. In his presentation, Don will show the valuable contributions of rhododendron pioneer and Gold Medal recipient, Joe Gable, and the hybridization efforts of those who followed him. He will also entertain us with his outstanding photography and stories.   [return to top]


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