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Rhododendrons in Pennís Woods

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October 22-25, 2009

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The "Pennsylvania Connection" Plant Sale Catalog
Photos and descriptions of the nearly 300 varieties of rhododendrons & azaleas sold at the conference plant sale. Most of these plants have a connection to Pennsylvania such as the hybridizer, grower, or registration.
Name & Photo Description: Color; Flower; Bloom Time; Height; Cold Hardiness; Habit.
#11 (Frederick)  Parentage unknown
900-76 (Frederick)  Parentage unknown
Aaron Heckler (Huber)

Selection from degronianum, infra; specific variant uncertain

Purple; Flowers in dome trusses of 11, broadly funnel-campanulate, 5 wavy-edged lobes, strong purplish pink in bud, opening inside very pale purple, shading darker to very pale purple at margins, and with sparse, vivid reddish orange speckling; outside very pale purple with light purple midribs. Trusses 5in(12.5) high by 7in(17.5cm); 5 ft. (30yr); -10F(-23C); Robert L. Huber, Salford, PA, selection 1977; reg.

adenopodum (Gable)

Selection of species.

Pink; Flowers light apple blossom rapidly fading to white; leaves with gray indumentum, early May, 4' x 4'

adenopodum 'Curly Aden' (Herbert)  
adenopodum x metternichii var. micranthum (Blyth) adenopodum x metternichii var. micranthum

Pink, ARS Seed Exchange 1983-562, pink flowers, late April - early May, medium green foliage, plastered indumentum, 2.5' x 3.5' (25 years)

adenopodum x metternichii var. tsukusianum (Gable) adenopodum x metternichii var. tsukusianum
Alandale (Nearing/Gable)  maximum x fortunei subsp. discolor (Sw 9015-01)

Lavender, very pale lavender exterior, white interior, yellowish green blotch, midseason

Albert Close (Fraser/Gable)
Albert Close

maximum x macrophyllum

Pink; Flower broadly funnel-shaped; bright rose-pink with chocolate-red spotting in throat. Held in conical trusses of 23; Late; 5 ft.; 10°F (-23°C); Leaves bluish-green, held 3 years. Straggly, open grower. Tolerates sun and heat; Elepidote

Alice Poore (Dexter/Moseley)
Alice Poore

Parentage unknown

Pink; Light pink with large dark brownish red center; Early Midseason; 5ft; -15F(-26C); Probably a Ben Moseley selection.

Aloha (Phetteplace/Paden)

Vulcan x degronianum ssp yakushimanum, Exbury form

Pink; Flower openly funnel-shaped, wavy edges, 2¾" across, deep pink fading to pale purplish-pink. Held in dome-shaped truss of about 19 flowers; Early Midseason; 3 ft.; -10°F (-23°C); Leaves elliptic, convex, acute apex, cuneate base, 2" to 3" long, bullate, olive green with orange-yellow indumentum, leaves retained 3 years. New growth has white indumentum. Dense, rounded habit; Elepidote

Alumni Day (Nearing/Gable)
Alumni Day
 Parentage unknown
Always Admired (Swarthmore)
Always Admired

(Scintillation x unknown) x haematodes

Pink; Flowers peachy pink and yellow; Midseason; 4 ft.; -15F(-26C); Scintillation-like foliage. Compact habit. Dr. John Wister, 1965

Angel Glow (Konrad)

maximum, white form x degronianum ssp yakushimanum Koichiro Wada

White; Covers itself with "glowing" white full trusses; Late Midseason; 5 ft.; -15°F; well formed, compact plant.

Angel Powder (Delp)
Angel Powder

Epoch x mucronulatum, white flowered

White; Flower widely funnel-shaped, frilly, 2 1/5" across, white with yellowish-green dorsal spots. Held in multiple terminal buds each with 6 flowers; Midseason; 5 ft.; -15°F (-26°C); Leaves broadly acute apex, cuneate base, 3¼" long. Upright habit; Lepidote

Anna Caroline Gable (Gable)
Anna Caroline Gable
adenopodum x degronianum ssp. heptamerum

Gable, pale pink flowers, indumentum, tight plant habit, early to mid-May, 3' x 3'

Anne Glass (Mrs Powell Glass) (Gable)
Anne Glass

Catalgla x decorum

White; large white flat trusses are surrounded by a collar of good green foliage. A nice clear white. 'Catalgla' is an acronym for R. catawbiense album var. 'Glass'. Powell Glass found a white R. catawbiense while fishing in a mountain stream in Virginia and sent seed from this plant to Gable.

Annie Dalton (Gable)
Annie Dalton

(decorum x griersonianum) X America

Pink; Large, lax trusses of apricot pink flowers, 4in(10cm) wide; Midseason to Late Midseason; 5 ft.; -15F(-26C); Leaves 8.25in(21cm) long. J. Gable, cross; reg. 1960. A.E. 1960.

Antigua (Becales/Herbert)

Mary Belle x Dexter's Apricot

Pinkish yellow; Flowers of azalea pink shading to Naples yellow, base of throat blood red, dorsal blotch; corolla openly funnel-shaped, 5 lobes, 3.25in(8cm) across. Lax trusses of 10; Midseason; 5 ft.; -5F(-21C); Plant as wide as tall. Joe Becales, cross; Charles Herbert, reg. 1977.

Antioch (MacMullan)

(Dexter's Champagne x campylocarpum var. Elatum Group) x Ray Kruse's hardy apricot/yellow hybrid

Yellow; large yellow flowers, mid- to late May, hardy to -10; 4' x 4'; MacMullan, 1979.

Antoinette Janus (Becales)
Antoinette Janus
(yakushimanum x Mars) x Leo

Red flowers with fine darker red speckling in corolla, 36 flowers in a large conical truss, midseason

Apollo 11 (Herbert)
Apollo 11
Parentage unknown

White; elepidote; Midseason; 6 ft.; -20F(-29C); Herbert.

Atroflo #2 (Gable)
Atroflo #2

Atrosanguineum or smirnowii x floccigerum

Red; great red with outstanding indumented foliage. It will bloom in shade or partial shade and buds up young. #2 is the hardier than #1. Gable recorded the cross as 'Atrosanguineum' x floccigerum Rock 18469. The latter was a plant from Joseph Rock's 1929 expedition to China.
Atroflo (Gable)

Atrosanguineum or smirnowii x floccigerum

Pink; Flower openly funnel-shaped, up to 2" across, bright rose pink with darker spots. Held in lax flat trusses of 10-12 flowers; Midseason to Late Midseason; 6 ft.; -10°F (-23°C); Leaves long, narrow, matte green with thick fawn indumentum. Useful as a tall hedge; Elepidote.

augustinii 'Gable Hardy' (Gable)

Selection of species

Blue, purplish blue, early May, 4' x 4'.

Bagoly's Beauty (Bagoly/Tietjens)

Mars x Koichiro Wada (degronianum ssp. yakushimanum)

Red; Rose red buds open to flowers roseine purple; ball truss of 16; Midseason; 3 ft.; -10F(-23C); Elliptic leaves, pale beige indumentum; plant broad. Bagoly, cross 1966; Marie Tietjens, reg. 1986.

Bali (Leach)

catawbiense var album x [neriiflorum x dichroanthum) x fortunei ssp. Discolor

Pink; Flower widely funnel-shaped, slightly wavy lobes, 3½" across, light purplish-pink with a pale yellowish-green throat, reverse deep purplish-pink. Held in flat trusses of 14-17 flowers; Late Midseason; 5 ft.; -15°F (-26°C); Leaves narrowly elliptic, apiculate apex, rounded base, slightly convex, 4½" long, yellowish-green, retained 2 years. Rounded, spreading habit, 1.5x wider than tall. Likes filtered afternoon sun; Elepidote.

Beaufort (Gable)

Boule de Neige x fortunei

White: Fragrant white flowers, tinted mauve. Trusses of 14,  reported by some to be a shy bloomer, it puts on a real show when given more sun; Midseason; 5 ft.; -20F(-29C); Resists insects, compact plant. Compact habit; large leaves. Joseph Gable.

Becales Sassy (Becales)

Lady Clermont x yakushimanum

Pink, spotted coral pink in a round tight truss, doesn't fade, slight indumentum, good tight plant habit. This is an Elliott 'Sassy' registered plant.

Beechwood Pink (Gable/Herbert)
Beechwood Pink

Atrosanguineum x fortunei

Pink; Flowers bright fuchsia pink in large trusses; Midseason; 6 ft.; -15F(-26C); Joe Gable, cross; C. Herbert, reg. 1962. A.E. 1960.

Bethany Jade (Doppel)
Bethany Jade

A. Bedford x Jonathan Shaw

Purple; Crossed and raised by John Doppel - Flowers 3" wide- slightly wavy edges - 10 in a truss - 4" x 6", Outer part of petal moderate purple shading lighter in center- Black dorsal blotch. Leaves medium green. Shrub 5' high x 5' wide in 10 years. Blooms late May. Hardy in zone 6. Registered by John Doppel in 2005

Big Catmar (Gable)
Big Catmar

Catalgla' x 'Mars'

Pink; deep edging of each flower surrounds a center of marshmallow-like white; robust growers with large leaves; hardy in southern Canada;deer don't seem to like it; it's a bit hard to root.

Big Savage (Yates)

(catawbiense v. album Glass, Catalgla x fortunei) x Cadis

Pink; Flowers lavender-pink with greenish throat, widely funnel shape and 5 or 6 lobes; trusses of 13; Late Midseason; 5.5 ft.; -10F(-23C); Plant dense, vigorous, large glossy foliage. Yates, reg.

Bikini Island (Leach)
Bikini Island

Scarlet Blast x [(catawbiense x degronianum ssp yakushimanum) x (Fanfare x Gertrude Schale)]

Red; Flower openly funnel-shaped, of heavy substance, 2½" across, red, unmarked. Held in dome-shaped truss with 13 flowers; Midseason; 4 ft.; -20°F (-29°C); Leaves elliptic, broadly acute apex, rounded base, 3½" to 4½" long, flat, deep green, retained 3 years; Elepidote

Bisque (Ahern)

Rio x Tan

Peach; Cross by Tom Ahern - Raised by John Doppel - Truss 10 flowers - ball truss 6" x 6" , buds - apricot, Flowers light peach -deeper in center of flower, sparse greenish brown spotting on dorsal area. Blooms - early May , Leaves-51/2" x 2" -flat medium green, Shrub 4' high x 3' wide in 10 years. Hardy in zone 6 , Registered by John Doppel - 2005.

Blazen Sun (Leach/Pride)
Blazen Sun

(Nereid x fortunei ssp. discolor) x Russell Harmon

Pink, flowers of deep purplish pink on edges fading to light yellow centers, early June, 5' x 4'; Leach, 2003. (Sunburst. Grown by O. Pride. Registered by A.R. Brooks)


Blue Ensign (Slocock)
Blue Ensign

Parentage unknown

Purple; Flower openly funnel-shaped, wavy edges, 2-3/8" across, purple and a white throat, with a prominent dark purple blotch. Held in ball-shaped trusses of 15-18 flowers; Midseason; 4 ft.; -15°F (-26°C); Leaves elliptic, 4" to 6" long, matte, dark green. Leaves have a tendency to spot. Dense, spreading habit. Tolerates heat well; Elepidote.

Bob Hickey (Becales)
Bob Hickey

(Gable's Flamingo x Exotic) x Golden Star

Yellow flowers, midseason

Bobbie's Butter x Helen Everett (Becales)
Bobbie's Butter x Helen Everett
 Bobbie's Butter x Helen Everitt (Bobbie's Butter = Dexter's Champagne x campylocarpum or dichroanthum

Yellow, yellow flowers, perfect truss, midseason. May be named clone Andrea.

Bosutch (Gable)

Boule de Neige x sutchuenense

Pink; Campanulate flowers pink, fading white with prominent dark red spots on upper lobe; conical trusses of 15; Early; 2.5 ft.; -5F(-21C); Plant of good habit; dark green foliage. Joe Gable, cross 1933; reg. 1991 by Gable Study Group.

brachycarpum var. tigerstedii x Crest (Becales)  brachycarpum var. tigerstedii x Crest

White, cream flowers, midseason

brachycarpum x Phipps Yellow (Ahern)

brachycarpum x Phipps Yellow

White; ivory flowers, dense ball truss.

Break Fast (Byrkit/Winter) Parentage unknown

Yellow; lax trusses of light yellow totally cover the plant; tight compact plant with shiny dark green leaves; elepidote; Early; 3 ft.; -5F(-21C); Winter.

Cadis (Gable)

Caroline x fortunei ssp discolor

Pink; Flower 3½" to 5" across, wavy-edges, fragrant, light pink, flushed yellow. Held in flat trusses with 9-11 flowers. Bloom is best when plant is 5 years or older; Fragrant; Late Midseason; 5 ft.; -15°F (-26°C); Leaves 2¾" long, light green. Dense, spreading habit; Elepidote

Calafrilly (Doppel)

Calsap open pollinated

Lavender; Flowers 21/2" wide., 15 in a conical truss 51/2" high 5" wide. Very pale lavender with a black blotch. Very frilly petal edges. Leaves medium green 41/2" x 11/4". Shrub grows somewhat taller than wide. Blooms in mid May. Hardy in zone 6. Raised by John Doppel

Calameres (Wister) Parentage unknown

Lavender, early to mid-May

Caroline (Gable)

decorum? x brachycarpum?

Lavender; Flower slightly scented, orchid lavender with an orange blotch in throat. Held in ball-shaped truss; slightly fragrant; Late Midseason; 6 ft.; -15°F (-26°C); Densely foliaged with light green, slightly-twisted leaves. An upright-growing large and vigorous shrub. Plant in full sun or part shade, but fragrance more pronounced in a sunny location; Elepidote.

Caroline Cream or Mrs. Henry Yates  Parentage unknown
carolinianum x hippophaeoides (Gable Cross) carolinianum x hippophaeoides

Kehr, purple, April, 4.5' x 5' (45 years). Kehr's original plant is in Beaudry's garden.

Carte Blanche (Shapiro)

brachycarpum x Bonfire

Pink; Flowers in domed trusses of 18-20, open funnel-shaped, with 5 wavy-edged lobes, deep purplish pink in bud, opening light purplish pink and aging to white, retaining color longer on outside and on margins; brilliant yellow spots on dorsal lobe. Trusses 5.5in(14cm) wide x 5 in(12.7cm) high; Late Midseason; 6 ft.; -15F(-26C); B. & M. Shapiro, cross 1965; reg. 1993.

Catalgla x campanulatum  
Chalfont (Dexter/Swarthmore)
Parentage unknown (Sw 60 R 6)

Lavender, pale lavender flowers, exceptionally fragrant, midseason, 6' x 6'

Charlie Herbert (Herbert/Rahn)

Captain Jack x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum Exbury form

Pink; Widely funnelcampanulate flowers with 5 wavy-edged lobes; deep purplish pink buds open pale purplish pink outside. Dome-shaped trusses 5in (12.7cm) wide hold 17; Midseason; 3 ft.; 0F(-18C); Leaves with undersurface coated with plastered hairs, moderate yellow green. Charles Herbert, cross 1970; Clarence & Evelyn Rahn, reg. 1990; described by Robert Huber.

Chatham (Dexter/Scott Arb.)

Parentage unknown

Pink; Flower openly funnel-shaped, wavy lobes, 4" across, fragrant, light purplish-pink with moderate purplish red spotting on dorsal lobes. Ball-to dome-shaped trusses hold 11-12 flowers; Fragrant; Early Midseason; 3 ft.; -5°F (-21°C); Leaves elliptic to near narrowly elliptic, mucronate apex, cuneate to almost rounded base, moderate olive green, retained 2 years. Broad, rounded habit; Elepidote.

Cherry Vanilla (Gable)
Cherry Vanilla

Mary Belle x vernicosum (Rock 18139)

Pink; striped pink and cream; Midseason; 3 ft.; shiny leaves.

Christina Dee (Doppel)
Christina Dee

Casanova x Wyandanch Pink

Pink; Crossed and raised by John Doppel. Flowers 2" wide - 15 in a ball truss 5"x5",Pinkish cream fading to cream, Light maroon dorsal spotting fades tan.Leaves 43/4 " x 11/2" - medium green. Shrub 4' x 31/2' in 10 years. Blooms early May Hardy in zone 6. Registered in 2005 by John Doppel

Conewago (Improved) (Gable)
Conewego Improved

minus var minus Carolinianum Group x mucronulatum

Lavender; Flower funnel-shaped, 2" across, rosy lavender. Truss holds 2-5 flowers; Early to Early Midseason; 4 ft.; -25°F (-32°C); Leaves elliptic to narrowly obovate, mucronate apex, cuneate base, 3" long, moderately glossy. Dense growth habit; Lepidote

Contessa (MacMullan)

(metternichii var. Hondoense, Oki Island form x Jean Marie de Montagu) x (Jean Marie de Montagu x Mars)

Red, very deep red flowers, mid-May, hardy to -12; 5' x 4'; MacMullan. 1983.

County of York (Gable)
County of York

Catawbiense Album x Loderi King George

White; Flower broadly funnel-shaped, 4" across, white with olive-green blotch in throat. Held in dome-shaped trusses of 13 flowers. Prefers light shade; Midseason to Late Midseason; 6 ft.; -15°F (-26°C); Leaves elliptic, convex, up to 10" long, glossy, dark green. Sprawling, open growth habit; Elepidote.

Courtney (Becales) Mary Belle x Dexter's Apricot

Pink flowers shading to yellowish centers, sibling of 'Antigua'

Crystal Yellow (Delp)

Keystone x Cecil

Yellow; pale yellow flowers with brilliant greenish-yellow throat; Early Midseason, 5 ft.

Dark Throat (Rhein)
Dark Throat

Lady Longman x fortunei

Pink; Flowers in dome-shaped trusses, deep rose, maroon throat, lower lobe white with rose edges, white pistils; Early Midseason to Midseason; 5 ft.; Hardy to at least -15F(-26C); Plant compact, medium height. Cross by Dr. W.L. Rhein, Mechanicsburg, PA; reg. 1999.

David Gable (Gable)
David Gable

Atrosanguineum x fortunei ssp fortunei

Pink; Flower 3½" across, deep purplish-pink with an deep red blotch in throat. Held in dome-shaped truss of about 8 flowers; Early Midseason to Midseason; 5 ft.; -15°F (-26°C); Leaves elliptic, acute apex, cuneate base, 7" long, medium green. Give full sun for greater compactness; Elepidote.

Dead Ringer (Bahnson/Ring)
Dead Ringer

Phyllis Ballard x catawbiense Clark’s White

Red; Flowers in lax truss of 13, funnel-shaped, slightly wavy lobes of 5, strong red in bud, opening inside vivid purplish red with light yellow in throat and on dorsal lobe; outside vivid purplish red. Trusses 4in(10cm) high by 5.5in(14cm) wide. Very floriferous; Early Midseason ; 4 ft.; -15F(-26C); Open growth habit. E.R. Bahnson, cross 1974 (ARS seed lot 74-516); introducer, Mowbray Gardens, Amelia, OH; Dr. T.L. Ring, raiser; reg. 1996.

Delkyn (Swarthmore)

Scintillation x haematodes

Pink; A Swarthmore hybrid, named by Dr. John Wister; possibly a seedling of a Dexter hybrid; grown in the Philadelphia area;  a little tender.

Delp's Mighty Mite (Delp)

(Achiever x polycladum Scintillans Group no. 2) selfed

Purple, lepidote, vivid light purple, mid-May, 7' x 6'; Delp. 1995.

Delp's Showoff (Delp)

minus Carolinianum Group--Epoch x (minus Carolinianum Gp pink, Achiever x pemakoense, Patulum Group)

Purple; Flowers in trusses of 8 (multiple buds), open funnel-shaped, 5-lobed, light to very pale purple with light greenish yellow dorsal spots and moderate red anthers; Early; 4 ft.; -20F(-29C); Weldon Delp, cross 1985; reg. 1994.

Dexter's Agatha (Dexter/Scott Arb.)

Pygmalion x (haematodes x Wellfleet)

Red; Purplish red flowers, 3in(7.8cm) wide, 6- or 7-lobed; spherical trusses of 10.; Midseason; 4 ft.; -5F(-21C); Plant as broad as high; olive green leaves. Dexter, cross; Tyler Arboretum, reg. 1981.

Dexter's Harlequin (Dexter/Scott Arb.)
Dexter's Harlequin

(Pygmalion x haemotodes) x Wellfleet

Pink, White; Flower widely funnel-shaped, frilly, 3¼" across, deep purplish-pink at edges, fading to near white at center and 2 small rays in dorsal throat. Held in ball-shaped trusses of 10-15; Midseason; 5 ft.; -5°F (-21°C); Leaves elliptic to narrowly elliptic, apiculate apex, cuneate to rounded base, flat with slightly undulate edges, 4" - 6" long, slightly glossy, olive green, retained 2 years. Upright grower; Elepidote.

Dexter's Zanzibar (Dexter)
Dexter's Zanzibar

Parentage unknown (Dexter-Ross Z)

Pink; tan to peach flowers, fragrant, early May, 5' x 5'. Bears flowers rivaling those of 'Dexter's Champagne

Diane's Delight (Doppel)
Diane's Delight

Peter Alan x Anah Krushke

Purple; Crossed and raised by John Doppel. Flowers 21/2 " wide - 20 in a conical truss 6" high 61/2 "wide. Reddish purple with a black dorsal blotch. Leaves dark green 41/2" x 11/2". Shrub 41/2' x 4' in 10 years. Habit somewhat open. Blooms in mid May. Hardy in zone 6. Registered in 2005 by John Doppel.

Disca (Gable)

fortunei ssp. discolor x Caroline

White; Fragrant flowers, white tinged with pink, frilled edges, large dome-shaped trusses; Late Midseason; 5 ft.; -10F(-23C); Likes light shade. Vigorous. Gable, 1944.

Doctor William Fleming (Pride)
Doctor William Fleming

Boule de Neige x vernicosum R. 18139--Mt. Siga

Peach; Blooms a very pretty peach color; Early Midseason; 5 ft.; -15F(-26C); Compact plant habit. Orlando S. Pride, 1975.

Dolly Madison (Leach)
Dolly Madison

catawbiense var album x [fortunei x (arboreum x griffithianum)

White; Flower openly campanulate, 3¼" across, white with reddish-brown dual rayed dorsal blotch. Full truss of about 12 flowers; Early Midseason; 5 ft.; -20°F (-29°C); Leaves oblanceolate, apiculate apex, cuneate base, flat, 2½" long, semi-glossy, dark green. Yellowish-green petioles. Plant grows 2x wider than tall; Elepidote.

Double Dip (Gable)
Double Dip

Catalgla x degronianum ssp yakushimanum

White; Flower openly funnel-shaped, 2" across, yellowish-white lightly spotted brilliant yellow-green at base of dorsal lobe. Dome-shaped truss has 13 flowers; Midseason; 3 ft.; -15°F (-26°C); Leaves elliptic, broadly acute apex, cuneate base, flat, 4¾" long, semi-glossy, dark yellowish green with plastered, brownish-orange hairs below on petiole. Compact, dense plant habit; Elepidote.

Dream of Kings (Frederick)
Dream of Kings

Arthur Bedford x Purple Splendour

Purple; Flower openly funnel-shaped, wavy lobes, 3½" across, light purple with a large, dark purple blotch. Conical truss holds 16-20 flowers; Late Midseason; 4 ft.; 0°F (-18°C); Leaves narrowly elliptic to elliptic, acute apex, cuneate base, 6" long, glossy, dark green, held for 2 years. Upright, moderate branching habit; Elepidote.

Earl Cordy (Cordy/Looye)  Mary Belle x Mary Garrison x Rio

Cordy/Looye, yellow flowers, mid-May, 4' x 4'. Hybridized by Cordy. Seed raised by Looye, who selected a plant and named it for Cordy.

Earl's Gold (Cordy) Janet Blair x Mrs W.R. Coe x Debutante (Debutante = yakushimanum x Mars)

Yellow, medium yellow flowers, mid-May, light green glossy foliage, 4' x 5'

Eastern Sappho (Rhein)
Eastern Sappho

Sappho x Janet Blair

White; Flowers in ball trusses of 20, open funnel-shaped, 5 wavy-edged lobes, very light purple, tipped light purple in bud, opening inside yellowish white, with a large heavily spotted, deep purplish red blotch on the dorsal lobe and light purple lobe tips; outside light purple; Midseason; 6 ft.; -25F(-32C); Leaves slightly glossy, moderate olive green. Dr. W.L. Rhein, cross 1973; reg. 1995 by American Rhododendron Society, Susquehanna Valley Chapter.

Edgemont (Dexter/Wister)

Parentage unknown

Pink; Purplish pink flowers with greenish yellow throat, very fragrant; Early Midseason; 6 ft.; Dexter cross; G. Wister, reg. 1980.

El Salto (Rhein)
El Salto

Sappho x Janet Blair

Purple; Flowers in dome trusses of 13, openly funnel-shaped, 5 wavy-edged lobes, strong and light purple in bud, opening yellowish white flushed light purple at margins and with deep purplish red dorsal spotting; Midseason; 7 ft.; -25F(-32C); Leaves held 3 years, dark yellowish green. Dr. W.L Rhein, cross 1974; reg. 1996 by Registration Committee, Susquehanna Valley Chapter, ARS.

Eminent (Green/Tyler Arb.)
 Scintillation x haematodes (Sw 58-279-E)

Pink, reddish pink, mid- to late May. Wister.

Enigma (Consolini/Scott Arb.)

fortunei x maximum x haematodes ??

Red; Strong purplish red flowers shading to strong purplish pink with brilliant yellowish green spotting and strong yellowish green rays in throat. Truss 7in(18cm) wide; Midseason; 7 ft.; -5F(-21C); A. Consolini, cross; Swarthmore College, reg. 1985.

Extra Dividend (Rhein)
Extra Dividend

Scintillation x Mary Garrison

Pink; Flowers in lax trusses of 8-9, openly funnel-shaped, with 7 wavy-edged lobes, pale purplish pink with moderate purplish pink longitudinal markings inside and out; moderate orange yellow spotting on upper lobe; trusses 5in(12.7cm) high by 6.5in(16.5cm); Midseason; 7 ft.; -25F(-32C); Leaves held 2 years, dull, moderate olive green. Dr. W.L. Rhein, Mechanicsburg, PA, cross 1977; reg. 1996 by Susquehanna Valley Chapter, ARS.

Eye Pleaser (Delp?)
Eye Pleaser

Harvest Moon x Ice Cube

White; Large, creamy white flowers with a well-defined reddish-bronze dorsal flare; glossy, deep green leaves

Fairhaven (Dexter/Swarthmore)
 Parentage unknown (Dexter No. 44)

Pink, deep pink buds open to mixed pink and white flowers with yellowish green dots, midseason. Dexter.

Faisa (Delp)

Achiever x polycladum Scintillans Group

Purple, Pink; Flower openly funnel-shaped, 1-3/8" across, reddish purple in bud, opening to a blend of light purple and moderate purplish pink. Trusses of 6; Midseason; 3 ft.; -20°F (-29°C); Leaves broadly acute apex, cuneate base, 1½" long; Lepidote.

Fashion Plate (Becales) Fashion Plate [(fortunei cream x vernicosum 18139) x Mary Belle] x [(Dido x Chlorops x lacteum) x Golden Star]

Yellow; Large 5" yellow flowers. Breeding contains: Gables Fortunei Cream, R. vernicosum 18139, Mary Belle, R.  lacteum, Dido, R. chlorops and Golden Star

 Parentage unknown

Al Fitzburg, pure white, plastered indumentum, tight plant habit, mid-May, 3.5 x 4 (12).

Flaming Snow (Dexter/Tyler Arb.)
Flaming Snow

Parentage unknown

White; Flower openly funnel-shaped, wavy edges, 3" across, slightly fragrant, open light pink and quickly fade to almost white with deep pink to purplish-red spots. Held in ball-shaped trusses of 10-12; Slightly Fragrant; Midseason; 6 ft.; -15°F (-26°C); Leaves oblanceolate to narrowly obovate, flat, acute apex, cuneate base, 5" to 6" long, glossy, yellowish-green, retained 2 years. Upright, dense habit; Elepidote.

Flawless (Delp)

Rocky Road x Rougemont

Red; Flowers in trusses of 22, broadly funnel-shaped, with 5 very wavy-edged lobes, deep and strong red in bud, opens strong red and purplish red with a white flare, and deep greenish yellow dorsal spots. Conical trusses 8in(20.3cm) wide; Late Midseason; 4 ft.; -15F(-26C); Weldon Delp, cross 1989; reg. 1995.

Fragrant Stranger (Gable)
Fragrant Stranger
A selction from R. houlstonii

Fred's Barbara (McNeil/Winter)
Fred's Barbara

Donna Hardgrove X
(degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x Harvest Moon)

Pink; Flowers in ball trusses of 10-12, broadly funnel-campanulate, 7-lobed with wavy margins, light pink in bud, opening white with greenish yellow markings deep in throat.; Early Midseason; 5 ft.; -10F(-23C); Leaves held 2 years. John McNeil, cross 1976; Fred Winter, reg. 1997. (ARS Seed Exchange Lot 77-399)

French Cream (Ahern)
French Cream

pseudochrysanthum x Fashion Plate

White; ivory white flowers with a light maroon flare at dorsal base; Midseason; 4 ft.

Fruehlingheit (Gable)  Parentage Unknown

Pink, luminous pink, midseason, 5' x 6' (Herman Haas obtained plant from Gable)

Gable's 41-64 (Gable)
Gable's 41-64

Parentage unknown

Pink; pink with a maroon center; Late Midseason; 5 ft.; open habit.

Gable's 6-60 (Gable)
Gable's 6-60
 Parentage unknown
Gable's Flamingo (Gable)
Gable's Flamingo
 Parentage unknown

Gable, deep pink streaked vivid red, mid-May, 3' x 3' (sibling of Mary Belle)

Gable's Pioneer (Gable)
Gable's Pioneer

mucronulatum x racemosum

Pink; Flowers 1in(2.5cm) wide, pink, borne in leaf axils along the stems; Very Early; 8 ft.; -25F(-32C); Leaves moderate olive green above, moderate yellow green below, with tiny brown scales above and below. Joe Gable, cross before 1946; Gable Study Group, reg. 1991; distributed as PIONEER by W. Baldseifen, 1967; Lepidote.

Gable's Red Head (Gable)
Gable's Red Head
Parentage unknown

Flowers in lax truss, bright crimson red (reddest of the Atrier Group).  resistant to P. cinnamomi

Gable's Tom Thumb (Gable) Mars x Conoco-cheague

Red, clear red flowers, leaves indented at midsection, slow growing, 2' x 2'

Gary Herbert (Gable/Herbert)
Gary Herbert

form of vernicosum R 18139

Pink; Fragrant flower of shaded salmon tones, openly funnel-shaped, 3in(7.6cm) wide, ruffled; flat trusses of 7; Midseason; 4 ft.; -5F(-21C); Plant rounded, moderately branched; glossy leaves held 3 years. New growth showy; burgundy red bracts. Rock, collector, 1929; J. Gable, selection; Charles Herbert, reg. 1976.

Gary Huber (Huber)

Mount Siga x unknown

Red; Flowers in dome trusses of 14, 5 wavy-edged lobes, moderate purplish red for c.13mm at margins, shading inwards to moderate purplish pink in the throat and with moderate purplish red spotting in the dorsal throat, outside moderate purplish red; Midseason; 4 ft.; -10F(-23C); R.R. Huber, cross, 1967; R.R. & H. Huber, reg 1993.

Gay Day (Delp)

minus Carolinianum Group--Epoch x (minus Carolinianum Gp pink, Achiever x pemakoense, Patulum Group)

Purple; Flowers in terminal shoots of 6, open funnel-shaped, 5-lobed, moderate purplish pink to pale yellow green in bud, opening very pale purple with light greenish yellow dorsal spots; Early; 3 ft.; -15F(-26C); Weldon Delp, cross 1985; reg. 1992; Lepidote.

George Fraser (Fraser/Gable)

maximum x macrophyllum

Pink; Very tall with a weeping habit; Elepidote

Gilbert Myers (Myers)
Gilbert Myers
 Parentage unknown

G. Myers, white with light purple margins and a yellowish green blotch, midseason, 5' x 4'

Glenda Farrell (Dexter/Wister/Tyler Arb.)
Glenda Farrell

Parentage unknown

Red; Flower openly funnel-shaped, wavy to frilly lobes, 3" across, bright orange-red flower with dark specks and a red blotch; fades to reddish pink. Held in ball-shaped truss of 13 flowers; Early Midseason; 5 ft.; -5°F (-21°C); Leaves apiculate apex, cuneate base, 4" to 5" long, olive green, retained 2 years. Plant well-branched, broader than tall; Elepidote.

Glenn Wise (Rhein)
Glenn Wise

Lady Longman x fortunei

Pink; Early Midseason; 6 ft.; -15F(-26C); Rounded, dense plant, needs partial shade; roots easily; may soon be in commerce. Dr. W.L. Rhein, Mechanicsburg, PA, cross 1982.

Golden Locket (Becales)
Golden Locket
(yakushimanum x Inca Gold) x Barbara Hardgrove

Yellow, deep yellow flowers, lax truss, midseason

Golden Mean (Ahern) September Song x White Dimples

 Pink, light creamy coral pink shading to yellowish cream, olive green flare, mid-May, 3.5' x 3.5'

Golden Pleasure (Fujioka)
Golden Pleasure
Parentage unknown

Yellow; Elepidote; Coral buds open to light yellow centers extending to light pink edges with red spotting on the upper lobes; Vigorous upright grower with glossy, medium green leaves; Mid-May; 5ft. x 4ft.; -5F(-21C); Fujioka cross, Ahern raised and registered 2003.

Golden Star x Sunny Day (Becales)  Golden Star x Sunny Day

Yellow, light yellow flowers, midseason

Goody Goody Gumdrop (A. Smith/Delp)
Goody Goody Gumdrop

Vineland seedling x Calsap

Purple; Blend of cyclamen purples in bud, opens to mallow purple edged with blend of light rose and phlox purple, dorsal spots of ruby red. A.W. Smith, cross; Delp, raiser.

Grape Jam (Error in name)

minus Carolinianum pink form, Achiever x fastigiatum

Violet; Flowers in trusses of 6, openly funnel-shaped, 5-lobed, moderate and strong violet in bud, opening strong and brilliant violet. Trusses 2.25in(3.3cm) wide; Early; 5 ft.; -20F(-29C); Weldon Delp, cross; Linda Pluta, Rosebay Gardens, Saugatuck, MI intro.; Joyce Delp Harris, Naturescapes, Harrisville, PA, reg. 1996.

Great Eastern (Dexter)
Great Eastern

Parentage unknown

Pink; Flower openly funnel-shaped, wavy lobes, 2¾" across, fragrant, deep purplish-pink paling to light purplish-pink with blotch of greenish-yellow rays. Held in ball-shaped truss of 16 flowers; Fragrant; Late Midseason; 5 ft.; -10°F (-23°C); Leaves elliptic, flat, margins slightly undulate, mucronate, 4½" long, new leaves glossy, yellow-green, retained 1-2 years. Plant is broader than tall; Elepidote.

Gretchen (Nearing/Gable)

(decorum x griffithianum) x Kettledrum

Pink; Pink flowers, red-throated; large dome shape trusses; Late Midseason; 5 ft.; Plant habit and foliage both good, on a very floriferous hybrid. G.G. Nearing and J.B. Gable, 1958.

H.T. Skinner (?)
H.T. Skinner
 Parentage unknown

Lepidote, light yellow flowers, April, 5' x 4'

Haag's Choice (Nearing/Gable)
Haag's Choice

fortunei or fortunei hybrid? x Charles Dickens

Lavender ; Flower pinkish lavender, held in conical trusses; Midseason; 4 ft.; -10°F (-23°C); Leaves elliptic, acute apex, cuneate base, 5½" long, dark green. Dense growth habit; Elepidote.

Hannah Grace (Ahern?)
Hannah Grace
 Tom Everett x Fashion Plate

Yellow; Fragrant flower is yellow with pink margins. Plant is 5'x 5' in 13 years. Blooms mid May.

Hannah Hersey (Gable)
Hannah Hershey

(catawbiense x fortunei) x campylocarpum

Pink; Flowers broadly funnel-shaped, pink, flushed coral, with 5 wavy-edged lobes; Midseason; 5 ft.; -10F(-23C); Joe Gable, cross pre-1943; Gable Study Group, reg. 1991. Probably the best of the CatFortCampy seedlings.

Hardgrove's Deepest Yellow - selfed x Phipps Yellow (Becales)
Hardgrove's Deepest Yellow

Hardgrove's Deepest Yellow - selfed x Phipps Yellow

Yellow; lax truss; tall; elepidote; Midseason; 3 ft.; 0F(-18C); Hardgrove.

Harwich (Dexter/Swarthmore)
 Parentage unknown (Dexter 108)

Lavender, pale lavender exterior and edges, almost white interior, greenish yellow blotch, early May.

Hatchville (Dexter/Swarthmore)  Parentage unknown (Dexter 121)

Lavender, creamy flowers suffused light lavender, very light green spotted blotch.

Hat Trick (Tom Ring)  Catalgla x Graf Zeppelin

Ring, large trusses of lavender pink flowers, mid-May, vigorous plant, 7' x 6 (12 years)

Helene Huber (Herbert)
Helene Huber

fortunei ? x unknown

Pink; 6ft(1.8m) -5F(-21C) ML Dark purplish pink buds open medium mauve pink, spotted almond shell brown, openly funnel-shaped, 3in(7.6cm) across, and very fragrant; spherical trusses of 14-16. Floriferous. Plant upright, rounded, Dexter, cross; Swarthmore College & Charles Herbert, raisers; Herbert, reg. 1978. [Photo by Bud Gehnrich]

Henry R. Yates (Gable)
Henry R Yates

wardii Litiense Group x unknown

White; Flower 2.5in(6.4cm) across, creamy ivory with a bold yellow flare, funnel-campanulate; Early; 4 ft.; -5F(-21C); Plant compact and dense; leaves to 6in(15.2cm) long. Joe Gable, introduced 1958; reg. 1971.

Herbert's Find (Gable)
Herbert's Find

(decorum x griffithianum) x America

Pink, orange and lavender in a rounded truss.

High Esteem (Swarthmore/Wister)
High Esteem
 Scintillation x haematodes (Sw 58-279-H)

Pink, lavender and light pink flowers, late May.

Hi Tech (Looye)  (tetraploid carolinianum x fastigiatum) x (tetraploid carolinianum x Blue Diamond)

Purple, lepidote, blend of strong and light purples in mid-May, 4' x 3'

Hindsight (Delp)

minus Carolinianum Group--Epoch x (minus Carolinianum Gp pink, Achiever x pemakoense, Patulum Group)

Pink; Openly funnel-shaped, 5-lobed flowers, moderate, light and pale purplish pink in bud, opening very pale purple, edged light purple with vivid yellow green dorsal spots; multi-bud trusses 3.5in(9cm) wide, holding 6 flowers; Early; 3 ft.; Early; -15F(-26C); large leaves; Weldon Delp, cross 1985; reg. 1992; Lepidote.

Honeybrook (Ahern)

Tom Everett x Fashion Plate

Pink; Ruffled mauve buds open into pink wavy edged flowers fading to white with gold center. A vigorous grower that will remain compact with pinching. 4' midseason, hardy to -5F; Midseason; 5 ft; Ahern.

Hopewell (Gable)

Degram' x Atrier

Pink; elepidote; Midseason; 6ft.; -10F(-23C); Gable.

Hotei x yakushimanum (MacMullan)

Hotei x yakushimanum

Yellow, pale yellow flowers, mid-May, 3' x 5'; MacMullan.

Howard Roberts (Minahan)
Howard Roberts
Mary Belle x Odee Wright

Minahan, light greenish yellow with a strong red basal blotch, glossy foliage, mid-May, 5' x 6'

Ida Bradour (Gable/Yates)
Ida Bradour

Mary Belle x vernicosum R 18139

Pink; Flowers in shades of pink, yellow green throat, saucer-shaped, 3in(7.6cm) wide; ball-shaped trusses of 12-14; Late Midseason; 5 ft.; -10F(-23C); Upright plant, arching branches, broader than high; narrow leaves. Joe Gable, cross; Mrs. Maletta Yates, reg. 1977.

Irresistible (Scott Arb/Tyler Arb)
 Scintillation x haematodes

Pink, dark pink flowers with yellow centers, midseason, 4' x 4'

James Allison (Gable)
James Allison

Mary Belle x R. vernicosum aff. 18139

Yellow. Excellent light yellow with ruffled flowers for the Washington D.C. area. Gable's daughter Caroline introduced it after his death. Flowers 12 in ball truss, 6 flat-edged lobes, very light purple and very pale purple, blotch medium green in throat. Gable admired this plant but thought he should watch it to see how hardy it was.

James Gable (Gable)
James Gable

Red; Single, hose-in-hose, widely funnel-shaped, rich red flowers with darker blotches, 2 inches wide. Flowers are borne in showy trusses from mid to late spring. Upright, evergreen shrub said to be the hardiest azalea around. Leaves are glossy, dark green, lance-shaped to ovate, around 1 inch long. Plant as you would any of the other azaleas: high and in well-drained, acid soil, rich with organic matter. The Gable hybrids are a group of azaleas that were introduced by the late Joseph Gable of Stewartstown, Pennsylvania. They are the result of crosses between R. poukhanense and R. kaempferi, as well as many other species and hybrids. Though azaleas have a potentially large list of possible pest and disease problems, they are usually trouble free if planted correctly in proper cultural conditions.

Janet Blair x Crest (Cordy)

Janet Blair x Crest

Pink, pure pink flowers, mid-May, 3' x 3' (4 years); Cordy.

Janet Blair x williamsianum

Janet Blair x williamsianum

Pink; Small pink flowers, semi-dwarf shrub, nice foliage, Seed Exchange. (Cordy)

Janet Sappho (Rhein)  
John Paul II (Minahan)
John Paul II

Mars x (The Hon. Jean Marie de Montague x Cheer)

Red ; Flower openly funnel-shaped, frilly edges, 2¾" across, deep red with pale yellow-green streaks on dorsal lobe. Held in ball-shaped trusses of 15 to 18; Midseason; 2 ft.; -25°F (-32°C); Leaves elliptic, concave, acute apex, cuneate base, 7" long, glossy, dark green, retained 2-3 years. Plant habit upright, and spreading, somewhat open; Elepidote.

Jonathan Bryce (Ahern)
Jonathan Bryce

Blue Peter x White Dimples

White; Flowers 18/domed truss, open funnel-shaped, 50 x 55mm, with 6 very wavy-edged lobes, light greyed lavender in bud, opening white inside and out, with a large, V- shaped dorsal flare composed of dark purple spots; Midseason; 3.5 ft.; Lvs obovate, 140 x 50mm, obtuse at apex, rounded at base, margins slightly downcurved, semi-glossy and dark green above, hairless; Hybridizer: T. Ahern (1994), Grown: J. Doppel (2000), Named and registered: J. Doppel (2005). Elepidote.

Joseph Rock (Gable)
Joseph Rock
(syn. 'Doctor Joseph Rock' or syn. 'Doctor Rock') Flowers peach pink.
June Miss (Scott Arb/Tyler Arb)
June Miss
maximum (pink flowered) x fortunei subsp. discolor

Pink, light pink flowers, extremely fragrant, mid-June, 6' x 5'. Bred and named by the first director, Dr. John Wister, at the Scott Arboretum. He undertook a breeding program to have rhododendrons in bloom during Swarthmore College's graduation ceremony in June.

Katherine Dalton (Gable)
Katherine Dalton

smirnowii x fortunei ssp fortunei

Pink; Flower large, lavender-pink. Held in flat truss of 8-12 flowers; Early Midseason; 5 ft.; -15°F (-26°C); Leaves long, glossy, deep green with slight indumentum; Elepidote.

Kayla Joy (Ahern)
Kayla Joy
 Tom Everett x Fashion Plate

Yellow; Very fragrant flower is light yellow with a green flare. Plant is 50” x 50” in 13 years. Blooms mid May

Kick-Off (Delp)

minus Carolinianum Group, pink form, Achiever x mucronulatum

Purple; Buds of violet and strong purple open to light purple flowers, edged strong purple; dorsal spots greenish yellow; ball trusses of 12; Early Midseason; 4 ft.; -15F(-26C); Wavy-edged elliptic-obovate foliage, scaly on both surfaces. Weldon Delp, cross; A. & S. Anderson, reg. 1989; Lepidote.

Kubla Khan x Honeydew (Becales)

 Kubla Khan x Honeydew

Pink, salmony colored flower with a large calyx, almost double in appearance, midseason

Kulu (Gable)

vernicosum x unknown

Pink; Venetian pink flower, flushed deeper to French rose in the throat, openly funnel-shaped, to 4in(10.2cm) across, 7 wavy lobes; dome-shaped trusses of 7-10. Floriferous. Showy red bracts on new growth; Fragrant; Midseason; 6 ft.; -10F(-23C); Plant rounded, as wide as tall; leaves dark olive green. Rock, collected 1929; J. Gable, introduced 1958; Caroline Gable, reg. 1979.

Ladifor (Nearing/Gable)

Lady Clementine Mitford x fortunei

Pink flowers with bicolor effect, scented. Joseph B. Gable, before 1958.

Lady of Belfield (Dexter/Scott Arb.)
Lady of Belfield

Lady Eleanor Cathcart x decorum

Pink; Buds deep purplish pink open lighter pink, with dark purplish red blotch and dorsal spots. Flowers 2.5in(6.5cm) wide, 22 per truss; Late; 6 ft.; -5F(-21C); Leaves to 6in (15cm) long. C.O.Dexter, cross; Tyler Arboretum, reg. 1985.

Lady of Decora (Swarthmore)
Lady of Decora
 Lady Eleanor Cathcart x decorum

Pink; light pink with creamy eye, dark red blotch, late

Lady of June  (Dexter/Scott Arb.)
Lady of June

Lady Eleanor Cathcart x decorum

Pink; Flowers strong purplish pink fading lighter, distinct greenish yellow spots; trusses of 16; Late; 6 ft.; -5F(-21C); Plant upright, spreading broader than tall, olive green foliage. Dexter, cross; Dr. John Wister, namer; Gertrude Wister, reg. 1980.

Lady of Vernon (Dexter/Swarthmore)
Lady of Vernon

Maximum hybrid

Pink; Palest pink, almost white; elepidote; long recurved leaves, strong maximum influence; Late; 2.5 ft. x 2 ft.

Lady of Wakefield (Dexter/Swarthmore)  Lady Eleanor Cathcart x decorum

Pink; pinkish white, creamy centers, greenish blotch, plastered indumentum, late

Lavender Lady (Shammarello)  catawbiense hybrid

Lavender with dark purple blotch on dorsal lobe, midseason

Lemon Tea (Shapiro) Mary Fleming x keiskei

Yellow, lepidote, light yellowish green with a brilliant greenish yellow throat, April, beautiful light green foliage, 3' x 4'

Lewisberry (Rhein)  Parentage unknown
Linnaeus (Rhein)

Lady Longman x fortunei

Purple; Early Midseason; 6.5 ft.; -15F(-26C); Large, compact plant. Dr. W.L. Rhein, cross 1978.

Lisa (Gable)

catawbiense var. album Glass, Catalgla x Madonna

White; Flowers, 4in(10cm) across, pale sap green blotch; trusses of 18; Late Midseason; 6 ft.; -15F(-26C); Elliptic leaves 8in(20.3cm) by 4in(10cm). Joe Gable, reg. 1964. P.A. 1962.

Little Bonnie (Gable)  Gable's Tom Thumb hybrid

Pink, buff edged pink, late midseason, 5' x 5'

Little Woods - Delta (Gable)
Little Woods Delta
 Parentate unknown

The Little Woods Greek Series consists of plants from Joseph Gable's home, "Little Woods," in Stewartstown, Pa. Beginning in May 2007, Michael Mills and Karel Bernady, of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter, identified plants with noteworthy flowers. Because identifications are now impossible, each was assigned a Greek letter to distinguish it in future propagations. Although it is possible that non-Gable plants are in the collection, the overwhelming odds are that they are Gable hybrids. Because the cuttings were from decades-old survivors, it is as yet impossible to indicate growth rates. All are May bloomers.

Little Woods - Lambda (Gable) Parentate unknown

May bloomer, see Little Wood - Delta for history.

Little Woods - Mu (Gable)
Little Woods Mu

Parentate unknown

May bloomer, see Little Wood - Delta for history

Little Woods - Psi (Gable)
Little Woods Psi
Parentate unknown

May bloomer, see Little Wood - Delta for history.

Little Woods - Theta Two (Gable)
Little Woods Theta-Two
Parentate unknown

May bloomer, see Little Wood - Delta for history.

Lucknow (Rosenthal)

(Phipps Yellow x Pacific Gold) x Janet Blair

Yellow, yellow flowers with hinny of orange aging to yellow, mid- to late May, 4' x 4' (6 years); ARS Seed Exchange 2002-96; Rosenthal.

Marie Tietjens (Bagoly/Tietjens)

Gable's R. vernicosum Rock 18139 (RHS 03788) Clone #1 x Full Moon

Red; Buds are a darker pink than corollas. Flowers openly funnel-shaped, 3½" across x 2½" long, with 7 wavy lobes, slightly fragrant, soft spirea red, unmarked, ball trusses of 7; Late Midseason; 3 ft.; -10F(-23C); Plant upright, branching well, L. Bagoly, cross 1969; Marie Tietjens, raiser; reg. 1976.

Maroon Sappho (Rhein)
Maroon Sappho

Sappho x Janet Blair

Plant hardy to -15F(-26C).

Marshall Stilwell (Cowles)

Parentage unknown

Pink; flowers open pink and fade to light yellow inside and in throat, moderately scented; Late Midseason; 4 ft.

Marshfield (Dexter/Swarthmore)

Parentage unknown (Dexter 173)

Pink, dark pink fading lighter towards center, red blotch in throat, midseason, compact shrub. A Dexter hybrid named for a town of this name in Massachusetts.

Mary Belle (Gable)
Mary Belle

Atrier x Dechaem

Orange; Flower broadly funnel-shaped, frilly-edges, 3½" to 4" across, salmon peach with cardinal red blotch and spotting. Held in flat-topped, ball truss with 10-11 flowers; Midseason; 5 ft.; -15°F (-26°C); Leaves elliptic, apiculate apex, cuneate base, up to 5½" long, crinkled, light green, can be yellowish. Plant does best with filtered light; Elepidote.

Mary Garrison (Gable)
Mary Garrison

fortunei, cream form x vernicosum R 18139

Yellow; Large lax truss of pinkish cream with a distinct reddish-brown blotch fading to creamy yellow' Early Midseason; 4 ft.; -10F(-23C); Mounding plant habit; Difficult to propagate, but a good parent of yellows. Joe Gable.

Mary Garrison x Apricot Fantasy (Becales)  Mary Garrison x Apricot Fantasy

Yellow flowers

Mary K. (Gable)
Mary K

catawbiense var. album Glass, Catalgla x fortunei

Purple; Flowers in ball trusses of 12, broadly funnel-shaped, 6 flat-edged lobes, very pale purple in bud, opening inside very light purple and very pale purple with a Vshaped medium green blotch about .6in(15mm) long in dorsal throat; 5 ft; -10F(-23); Leaves semi-glossy, moderate olive green. Joe Gable, cross 1943; reg. by Jane Goodrich, Vienna, VA

Mary's Choice (Reiley)  
Max Tietjens (Walbrecht/Teitjens)
Max Tietjens

Dexter’s Champagne x Dexter’s Honeydew

Pink; Flowers in domed trusses of 12, openly funnel-shaped, 7-lobed with wavy margins, scented; light purplish pink in bud, opening yellowish white, with pale purplish pink margins and strong yellowish green center; outside pale purplish pink. Trusses 6in(15.3cm) high by 7in(17.7cm); Midseason; 7 ft.; -10F(-23C)Leaves moderate olive green. E. Walbrecht, cross 1972; Marie Tietjens, reg. 1997.

Maxhaem Salmon (Gable)
Maxhaem Salmon

maximum x haematodes

Pink; Salmon pink flowers, medium-sized, in well-filled trusses, open funnel-shaped; 5 smooth-edged lobes. Floriferous. Nice dark green foliage with sparse tan indumentum when young, aging to rust-colored; Late Midseason; 4 ft.; -15F(-26C); Pollen of haematodes, "true form", from E.J.P. Magor, Cornwall. Joseph B. Gable, cross 1935; Gable Study Group, reg. 1991; Jane Goodrich, Secretary.

maximum 'Red'
maximum Red
 Selection of species
maximum x Sir Charles Lemon (Kehr?)  maximum x Sir Charles Lemon

White flowers, big rounded truss, indumentum, mid-May

Megansett (Dexter/Swarthmore) Parentage unknown (Dexter 187)

Pink, very light lavender-pink with pink edges, green blotch, midseason

metternichii var. tsukusianum  Selection of species
Mikey (Delp)

Blue Peter x Ice Cube

Purple; Buds of Bishop's violet open to flowers of very pale and strong purples, with a flare of beetroot purple; hardy to -25F(-32C); Medium size; Weldon Delp.

Mindoro (Rhein)
Yellow; pale yellow; good foliage, elepidote; Midseason; 3 ft.; Rhein.
Mist Maiden (Leach)

degronianum ssp yakushimanum form

Pink; Flower openly funnel-shaped, wavy lobes, 2½" across, pale purplish-pink aging to white with moderate yellow dorsal spotting and deep purple-pink stripe. Ball-shaped trusses of 14-17 flowers; Midseason; 3 ft.; -20°F (-29°C); Leaves oblanceolate, acute apex, cuneate base, 5¾" long, convex, yellow-green, retained 5 years. New growth has grayish-tan indumentum. Grows broader than tall; Elepidote.

Misty Morn (Frederick)

unknown x Purple Splendour

Violet; Flowers purple violet, rays of olive yellow, openly funnel-shaped, 3.5in(8.9cm) across, of 5 frilled lobes, trusses of 12-14; Midseason; 5 ft.; -5F(-21C); Plant wider than tall; elliptic leaves; new growth bluish green. Mrs. H.A. Frederick, Jr., reg. 1976.

Morning Melody (Doppel)
Morning Melody

Parentage unknown

Orange; Flowers 31/4" wide, 15 in a ball truss 6" high x 7" wide, Light orange with orange red dorsal speckling. Leaves medium green 41/2"x11/2". Shrub grows somewhat taller than wide. Blooms in mid may. Hardy in zone 6. Raised by John Doppel.

Morris 452 (Dexter/Morris Arb.)
Morris 452
Parentage unknown

Pink, Dexter at Morris Arboretum, pink, midseason, 6' x 6'.

Moss Creek (Rhein)
Moss Creek

Marchioness of Lansdowne x Janet Blair

Pink; Midseason; 6 ft.; -15F(-26C); Plant tall, well-formed, compact, suntolerant; easily rooted but not in commerce. Dr. W.L. Rhein, Mechanicsburg, PA, cross 1979.

Mount Apo (Rhein)
Mount Apo
Mount Siga (Gable)
Mount Siga

vernicosum x unknown

Pink; Orient pink, slightly deeper in throat, faint spots of peach, 4in(10.2cm) wide, 7 wavy lobes; Early Midseason; 5 ft.; -5F(-21C); Rock, seed collector; Joseph Gable, raiser; Caroline Gable, reg. 1979.

Mrs. J.G. Millais x LaBar's White  Mrs. J.G. Millias x LaBar's White

White flowers, midseason, 4 x 5

Ned's #1 (Schrope)
Ned's #1

yakushimanum hybrid.

Pink; N. Schrope hybrid, flowers open maroon and fade to white, wonderful foliage and plant habit, mid-May, 4' x 4'

Off-shoot (Rhein)

Holden x Mary Garrison

Orange; Flowers in ball trusses of 17-19, funnel-shaped, 6-wavy-edged lobes, strong red in bud, opening pale orange below with strong pink highlights inside all lobes and moderate red spotting on dorsal lobe; outside midribs deep pink, more pronounced on dorsal lobe; stigma dark grayish purple; Early Midseason; 5 ft.; -15F(-26C); leaves moderate olive green. W.L. Rhein, cross 1977; reg. 1995, ARS Chapter, Susquehanna Valley.

Orange Honey (Pride)
Orange Honey

Blondie x catawbiense var. album Glass, Catalgla

Pink; Lax trusses of salmon pink, like those of Mary Belle, 18-flowered trusses; flower shape widely funnel-campanulate; Late Midseason; 3 ft.; -15F(-26C); Orlando S. Pride, 1977.

Orange Ruffy (Ahern)
Orange Ruffy

Marshall Stilwell selfed

Yellow; Flower broadly funnel-shaped, many strongly reflexed lobes, 4" across, golden yellow center shading to cream tinged orange near the edge, outside golden yellow with random pinkish orange streaks. Ball-shaped truss holds 8 flowers; Midseason; 3 ft.; -5°F (-21°C); Leaves elliptic, obtuse apex, rounded base, 4¾" long, mid green, retained 2 years. Intermediate habit; Elepidote.

Orange Sherbet (Pride)

Tahiti x Catalgla

Pink, light pinkish orange, midseason, new growth orange-red, 5' x 5'; Pride.

Pa-Jo (Gable)

Probably a fortunei hybrid

Purple; Flowers in somewhat lax trusses of 10, open funnel-shaped, heavy substance, very fragrant, 5 wavy edge lobes, strong purplish red/pink in bud, opening outside very pale purple at margins shading lighter and deep purplish pink midribs; inside very pale purple at margins shading to nearly white center with pale greenish yellow dorsal blotch spotted moderate yellow green; trusses 10in(25.5cm) wide by 5in(13cm); Midseason; 7 ft.; -15F(-26C); Leaves held 3-4 years, moderate olive green, sparse light tan hairs below. Joe Gable, cross late 1960s; named & reg. 1995 by Joan and Paul Netherwood, Jr., Joppa, NJ

Party Pink (Leach)
Party Pink

Mrs Furnivall x catawbiense var album

Pink; Flower openly funnel-shaped, 3" across, purplish-pink shading lighter in the center, with a yellow dorsal flare. Ball-shaped truss with 18 flowers; Midseason; 5 ft.; -20°F (-29°C); Leaves elliptic, apiculate tip, rounded base, 4¾" long, dark green, retained 3 years. Plant broad and dense; Elepidote.

Peaches (Gable)

Parentage unknown

Pink; The flowers open a clear peach pink color with no blue cast and eventually fade to a lighter shade; Lovely plant with good foliage and fit becomes a tall plant in time. George Ring speculated that it might be a smirnowwi cross because of the foliage but it is a selection from Gable's Woods where the results of the cross 'Atroflo' x 'Atrier' were planted. This is probably the correct parentage.

Pennsy (Rosenthal)

(Phipps Yellow x Pacific Gold) x Janet Blair

Yellow; yellow flowers with hint of orange aging to yellow, mid- to late May; ARS Seed Exchange 2002-96, Rosenthal. (Cordy)

Perkiomen (Gable/Herbert) Pink, pink with faint gold blotch, brown spots; elepidote.
Philip Dee (Doppel)
Philip Dee

Casanova x Peter Alan

White; Flowers 12/ball truss, broadly funnel-shaped, c.50 x 65mm, with 5 flat to slightly wavy-edged lobes, pinkish lavender in bud, opening inside light cream with a prominent, dark maroon,dorsal blotch;outside cream with some lavender tinges; Late Midseason; 4 ft.; Leaves obovate, 100 x 50mm, obtuse at apex, rounded at base, margins moderately downcurved, semi-glossy and mid green above, hairless. Hybridized: J. Doppel (1995), Grown J. Doppel (2000), Named and registered: J. Doppel (2005); Elepidote

Pickering (Herbert)

catawbiense var. album Glass, Catalgla x (fortunei x campylocarpum)

Pink; Trusses of 8-10 flowers, light rose with deeper edges, 3 upper lobes pale yellow with darker spotting, throat yellow; corolla widely campanulate, to 3in(7.6cm) wide. Free-flowering; Late Midseason; 6 ft.; -5F(-21C); Plant slightly wider than tall; glossy leaves. Charles Herbert, reg. 1977.

Pikeland (Herbert)

keiskei x campylogynum, Tower Court form

Pink; Flower pale rose with darker edges and spotting, 1.25in(3.2cm) across, 5 lobes; inflorescence of about 6 trusses, each 6 to 7 flowers. Free flowering; Early Midseason; 1 ft.; -5F(-21C); Plant rounded, as wide as tall; leaves 2.25in(5.7cm) long, scaly below, held 3 years. Charles Herbert, reg. 1976; Lepidote.

Pink Twins (Gable)
Pink Twins

red catawbiense x haematodes hybrid

Pink; Flower widely funnel-campanulate, hose-in-hose, frilly edges, 2" across, light pink colored. Ball-shaped trusses of about 15; Midseason; 4 ft.; -10°F (-23°C); Leaves ovate to elliptic, mucronate apex, rounded base, 3" long, medium green with yellow stems. Compact and relatively slow growing plant when young; Elepidote.

Pride of Dorchester (Al Smith)

(smirnowii x Lady Bessborough) x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum, Koichiro Wada

White: White flowers with red throat, narrow speckled red flare, wavy edge; ball trusses of 14; Late Midseason: 3 ft.; -15F(-26C); Elliptic leaves; fawn indumentum. A.W. Smith, reg. 1989.

Pride's Early Red (Pride)
Pride's Early Red
Red; A little known Lanny Pride plant from the "ice box" of western Pennsylvania. Most hardy reds tend to grow tall and gangly, but this cultivar is unusually compact. This compactness and its redder flowers on a tough Zone 5 plant are its differentiating qualities. The leaves are a dark forest green. It blooms earlier than other red ironclads
Pride's Pink Maximum (Pride)

Rhododendron maximum

Pink selection of the large leaved elepidote Rhododendron native to the eastern US. It blooms in late June to early July. Best in partial shade. 6x4 feet in ten years.

Pure Sex (Trautman)
Pure Sex

Janet Blair x Loderi Venus

Pink, huge trusses of pink and white, no stamens, beautiful dark foliage, mid-May, 7' x 7'; Trautman.

Queen Anne's (Skinner)
Queen Anne's

(brachycarpum x catawbiense) x unknown white fortunei hybrid

White; Flower openly funnel-shaped, wavy lobes, 2½" across, very pale violet when first open, quickly fading to white. No markings. Flowers look doubled due to fused and petaloid stamens. Ball truss of 10 to 13 flowers; Early Midseason; 5 ft.; 0°F (-18°C); Leaves elliptic, apiculate apex, cuneate base, 3" long, glossy, olive green, retained 2 years. Rounded, open habit; Elepidote.

Quiet Quality (Dexter)
Quiet Quality

Parentage unknown

Pink; Flowers light purplish pink, paling to white in center, spotted yellowish green; frilled. Ball-shaped trusses of 9; Midseason; 5 ft.; -5F(-21C); Plant moderately branched; glossy foliage. Dexter, cross; Tyler Arboretum, reg. 1983.

R.O. Delp (Hinerman/Delp)
Ronald Otto Delp

Lodestar x Mary Belle


Pink; Openly funnel shape, 6 lobe flowers strong purplish red and strong to light purplish pink in bud, opening pale and strong purplish pink with pale yellow flare and throat, deep purplish red dorsal spots. Trusses 7.1in(18cm) wide, holding 16 flowers; Late Midseason; 3 ft.; -20F(-29C); Often a parent of Delp hybrids. Dr. Doren Hinerman, Ann Arbor, MI, cross 1975: Weldon Delp, raiser; reg. 1992.

Red Hot Mamma (T. Ring/Delp)

Anne Hardgrove x (#2 Red (Tom Ring) same as Anna Delp x Delp’s Cindy Lou)

Red; Flowers in conical trusses of 18, open funnel shape, 5 lobes, dark red and vivid red in bud, opening vivid red edged deep red; anthers dark red; Late Midseason; 3 ft.; -15F(-26C); Dr. Tom Ring, cross 1984; Weldon Delp raiser; reg. 1994.

Reiley White Cloud (Reiley)

sport from ‘Wynterset White’

White; Flowers 20/domed truss, open funnel-shaped, 45 x 70mm, with 5 wavy-edged lobes, pure white in bud, opening pure white throughout, without any tinge of lavender; the inconspicuous, sparse, bronze, dorsal spotting and red bud scales of ‘Wynterset White’ are retained. Calyx minutel Early Midseason; Leaves elliptic, 25- 50 x 50-55mm, acute at apex, cuneate at base, margins flat, dull green above, hairless; Grown: H.E. Reiley ( 995), named and registered byH.E. Reiley (2006). ; Elepidote

Reileyridge Bright Day (Reiley)
Reileyridge Bright Day
 Janet Blair x Ed's Red

Pink, strong purplish pink with a strong orange yellow dorsal flare, midseason, 6' x 4'

Reileyridge Double Delight (Reiley)
Reileyridge Double Delight
 Evening Glow x Janet Blair

Pink, light yellow inside, pink and yellow outside, moderately scented, dense habit, midseason, 4' x 4'

Reileyridge Low Boy (Fetterhoff/Reiley)
Reileyridge Low Boy
 Parentage unknown

Pink, light yellow inside, pink and yellow outside, moderately scented, dense habit, midseason, 4' x 4'

Reileyridge Picotee (Reiley)
Reileyridge Picotee
 Janet Blair x Donna's Day

Red, strong red with a light pink star-shaped center, lightly scented, mid-May, 5' x 4'

Reileyridge Sweet Sue (Reiley)
Reileyridge Sweet Sue
 fortunei x Caractacus

Orchid flowers with dark purple center blotch, strongly scented, early - midseason, 10' x 15' (30 years)

Reileyridge Target (Reiley)
Reileyridge Target
 (fortunei x Caractacus) x Caractacus

Purplish pink flowers with deep red centers, strongly scented, early to midseason, 7' x 12' (30 years)

Renova (Rhein)  
Repose x Fashion Plate (Becales)  Repose x Fashion Plate

Yellow, large light yellow flowers, large truss, mid-season

Rhein's Blue Ridge (Rhein)
Rein's Blue Ridge

Mrs. Thomas Lowinsky x Janet Blair


Rhein's Durango (Rhein)
Rhein's Find
Rein's Find

Kluis Sensation x Cadis

White; Off-white flowers with pale red blotches; Midseason

Rhein's Luna (Rhein)
Rhein's Luna

minus var minus Carolinianum Group x Russautinii Group

Purple; Flower openly funnel-shaped, 1-¾" across, light purple edges shading lighter in throat. Ball-shaped truss with 4-6 flowers. Flowers don't produce pollen; Early Midseason; 5 ft.; -15°F (-26°C); Leaves elliptic, acute apex, cuneate base, convex, 2-3/4" to 3-1/8" long, semi-glossy, moderate olive green. Open growth habit; Lepidote.

Rhein's Picotee (Rhein)
Rhein's Picotee

Sappho x Janet Blair

Purple; Flowers in dome trusses of 15-20, funnel-shaped, 5 very wavy-edged lobes, light purple margins, yellowish white star-shaped center, large areas of strong orange yellow spotting on dorsal lobe; trusses up to 7in(17.7cm) wide by up to 6in(15.3cm) high; Early; 6 ft.; -25F(-32C); Leaves held 2 years. Dr. W.L. Rhein, cross 1973; reg. 1995 for Susquehanna Valley Chapter, ARS.

Rhein's Praecox (Rhein)  
Rhein's White Star (Rhein)
Rein's White Star

Madam Masson x Catawbiense Album

Elepidote; -20F(-29C); Rhein.

Rhodworks (Delp)
Parentage unknown

Pink; Flowers 20 in truss, pale purplish pink, edged vivid purplish red.

Ring's Monarch (Tom Ring)
Ring's Monarch

Graf Zeppelin x Newburyport Belle (Fowle #19--unknown)

Pink; Giant trusses 6in(15cm) by 4.5in(11cm) with flowers pink and white, 2.5in(6cm) in diameter. Floriferous. Foliage very dark green, indented seams; 3 ft.; -15F(-26C); Roots easily. Tissue cultured. Best of Show, Great Lakes Chapter, ARS, 1996. Dr. Tom Ring, cross c.1982. Mowbray Gardens, introduced.

Robert Allison (Gable)
Robert Allison

Caroline x fortunei ssp discolor

Pink; Flower openly funnel-shaped, frilly edges, up to 3½" across, fragrant, very light pink with a pale yellow throat. Held in flat top-topped trusses; Fragrant; Late Midseason; 5 ft.; -10°F (-23°C); Leaves narrowly oblong to obovate, mucronate apex, cuneate base, 5" long, waxy, bluish-green. Upright growth habit; Elepidote.

Robert Huber (Herbert)
Robert Huber

Everchoice x unknown

Pink; Dark pink buds opening to orchid pink flowers, with darker pink edges, spotting of Spanish orange; spherical trusses of about 14; Midseason; 4 ft.; -5F(-21C); Probably a cross of 2 Dexter hybrids. Upright plant, almost as broad as tall; glossy, yellowish green foliage. S. Everitt, cross; Charles Herbert, reg. 1979.

Running Deer (Gable/Yates)
Running Deer

Mars x Catalgla

Pink; Flower is bright pink with a white blotch; elepidote; Midseason; 6 ft.; -20F(-29C); Gable.

Ruth Davis (Gable/Davis)
Ruth Davis

degronianum ssp yakushimanum x degronianum ssp heptamerum

White; Flower openly funnel-shaped, wavy lobes, 2¼" across, yellowish-white with yellowish-green blotch, reverse pink until fully open. Held in ball-shaped trusses of 17 flowers; Early Midseason; 3 ft.; -10°F (-23°C); Leaves oblanceolate, somewhat convex, 5" long, glossy, green with orange-white felt-like indumentum, slight tomentum on new growth. Leaves retained 3 years. Rounded habit; Elepidote.

Sagamore Bayside (Dexter/Scott Arb.)
Sagamore Bayside

Dexter No. 16-- unknown fortunei hybrid

Pink; Light purplish pink flower, wavy edges, yellow-green stripe down center; trusses of 9; 5 ft.; -5F(-21C); Dull olive green foliage; well-branched plant. Tyler Arboretum, reg. 1982.

(Scintillation x Apricot Nectar) x Phipps 32 (Becales)  (Scintillation x Apricot Nectar) x Phipps Yellow

Becales, red buds open to yellow flowers, midseason

Seraglio (MacMullan)

(Dexter's Brandy-green x Dexter's Champagne) x Mary Belle

Pink, flowers of yellow, pink and apricot, early May, 4' x 5', hardy to -12; MacMullan.

Simple Gift (Ahern)
Simple Gift
 pseudochrysanthum, Beasley form x roxianum oreanastes

White flower with red flair on top lobe. Leaves are _” wide and 3” long. Plant is 30”x 30” after 12 years. Blooms mid May

Sir James (Gable)
Sir James

fortunei x unknown

Pink; Midseason; Light pink flowers; floriferous; 5 ft.; -10F(-23C); Medium green foliage. Dexter hybrid; J.B. Gable, introduced.

Skylark (Gable)

maximum x unknown

Pink; Flowers 2.25in (6.3cm) wide, rose pink, paler towards center; Late; 4 ft.; -10F(-23C); Leaves dull moderate yellow green with very short reddish brown hairs below. Joe Gable, cross, pre-1974; W. Baldseifen, introduced; Gable Study Group, reg. 1991.

Smirfort (Gable)

smirnowii x fortunei

Pink; 'SmirFort' is a large flowered plant and quite hardy light pink; -15F(-26C).

smirnowii (Ahern)


Smirnowii seed exchange plant 89-531. Pink flower Plant is 5' round in 20 years. Full foliage with deep green leaves with white indumentum. Blooms early May

smirnowii x Sir Charles Lemon (Becales)  smirnowii x Sir Charles Lemon

Pink, pinkish white flowers, indumentum, early

Snow Shimmer (Scott Arb)
Snow Shimmer

fortunei ssp. discolor x (maximum x fortunei ssp. discolor)

White; Flowers 4in(10cm) wide, 7 lobes, very fragrant, white, a pale yellow glow at center; ball shape trusses of 10; Late; 6 ft.; -5F(-21C); Plant broader than tall; olive green leaves, new growth greenish brown. John & Gertrude Wister, Scott Horticultural Found., reg. 1980.

Sonny's Love (Reichart)
Sonny's Love

Parentage unknown

Purple; Flowers in multi-bud trusses of 12, ball shape trusses, saucer shape, double and semi-double, with petaloid stamens; 5 wavy edge lobes; light purple in bud, opening light purple throughout, unmarked. Multi-bud inflorescence 2in(5cm) high by 3in(7.6cm) wide; 6 ft.; -20F(-29C) (heat tolerant to 104F); Leaves held 2-3 years, glossy, dark green with tiny white scales. Seed collected wild in mountains near Sitka, Alaska 1986; L.W. Reichart, Glen Allen, MD, reg. 1996; Lepidote.

Spectacular (Cowles)

Parentage unknown

Pink: Openly funnel shape flowers, 7 wavy edge lobes, peach colored in bud, opening moderate yellowish pink with white ribs and strong yellow flare on centers of 3 lobes; ball shape trusses 8in(20.3cm) by 8in(20.3cm), holding 11-12 flower; Late Midseason; 6 ft.; 0 F(-18C); J.C. Cowles, cross; Heritage Plantation, raiser; Jean Beutler, namer; Dr. Don Kellam described.

Steelton (Rhein)  
Stokes Bronze Wings (Stokes)
Stoke's Bronze Wings

maximum x catawbiense

Purple; Flower 2-1/8" across, blend of light and very light purple with a greenish-yellow flare and yellow-green spots on 3 upper lobes. Held in trusses with 30 flowers; Late; 6 ft.; -25°F (-32°C); Leaves elliptic, 5¾" long; Elepidote.

Summer Jewel (Swarthmore)
Summer Jewel

Alandale x discolor (Alandale = maximum x discolor)

White; Large white flowers with faint yellowish ochre in throat. SW 58-627A; medium com pact plant, excellent foliag, late June.

Sun Spray x Fashion Plate (Becales)  Sun Spray x Fashion Plate

Yellow, large light yellow flowers, midseason

Sunnyview (Delp)

Candidissimum x Slippery Rock--Newport F4

Purple; Flowers in trusses of 16, broadly funnel-campanulate, 5 lobes, strong and light purple in bud, opening very pale purple edged with a blend of deep reddish purple and strong to light purple, and with a pale greenish yellow flare and moderate yellow green dorsal spots; Late Midseason; 4 ft.; -15F(-26C); Weldon Delp, cross 1974; reg. 1992.

Sunrise 76 (Gable) Parentage unknown

Gable, peachy cream flowers, nice dark green shiny foliage. Possibly the same plant as Gable's Sunrise (Gable)

SW 52-308 C (Swarthmore)  Parentage unknown
SW 58-279 MM (Swarthmore)
SW 58-279MM

Scintillation x haematodes ?

SW 58-281-H (Wister)
Wister 281-H
 Parentage unkown

Wister, pink with yellow overtones, midseason, 5' x 5'

SW 60 R-15 (Swarthmore)  
SW 58-300M (Swarthmore)  

Swatara (Doppel)

Parentage unknown

Pink; Flowers 3" wide - 8 in a ball truss, Pale pinkish cream fading to light cream with 2 small orangish dorsal streaks in throat. Leaves dark green- 31/2" x 11/4". Shrub 41/2' x 3' in 10 years. Blooms mid May. Hardy in zone 6. Raised by John Doppel

Sweetness (MacMullan)

(yakushimanum x Jean Marie de Montagu) x (metternichii var. Hondoense, Oki Island form x Jean Marie de Montagu)

Pink, deep vibrant pink with paler throat and red dorsal flare, early to mid-May, hardy to -15, indumentum, low spreading shrub, 3' x 5'; MacMullan.

Thumbs Up (Ahern)
Thumbs Up

Mary Belle x pseudochrysanthum

White; ivory white with maroon basal blotch and spotting; Midseason; 3 ft.; dense habit.

Tickley (Delp)

minus Carolinianum Group, pink form--Achiever x polycladum Scintillans Group

Purple; Flowers in trusses of 6, open funnel-shaped, 5-lobed, strong and light purples in bud, opening to lighter flowers with deep purplish pink stamens and pistil. Trusses 2.75in(7cm) wide. Weldon Delp, cross 1974; Ginny Delp, named & reg. 1995; Lepidote.

Todmorden (Dexter/Scott)
Tod Morden

(Pygmalion x haemoimages/Heritage1000todes) x Wellfleet

Pink; Flower widely funnel-shaped, wavy lobes, 3½" across, deep purplish-pink edges shading to light purplish-pink, aging to nearly white, sparse light yellow-green spots. Held in ball-shaped trusses of 8-15 flowers; Late Midseason; 6 ft.; -10°F (-23°C); Leaves elliptic to nearly oblong, flat to concave, 5" long, dull, yellowish-green, retained 2 years. Upright, rounded habit; Elepidote.

Trinity (Pride) 'Powell Glass' selfed x yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada'

White, wavy-edged lobes, white, dark green foliage, midseason, 4' x 4'

unknown red-white bicolor (Cowles?)
Parentage unknown

Red; This is actually Heritage 1000-3 It has a well shaped red and white bi-color truss. Well shaped plant is compact with medium green leaves. Plant is 5” around after 15 years. Blooms mid May.

Valley Creek (Gable/Herbert)
Valley Creek

Essex Scarlet x fortunei

Pink; Deep rosy pink flowers, a dark blotch, 3.5in(9cm) wide, 5 to 7-lobes, slightly fragrant, in flat trusses of 10; Late Midseason; 6 ft.; -5F(-21C); An upright plant with stiff branches; narrowly elliptic leaves 6.75in(17cm) long, held 3 years. Joe Gable, cross; Charles Herbert, reg. 1976.

Valley Forge #1 (Herbert)
Valley Forge

Atrosanguineum x (fortunei x williamsianum)

Red; Flowers medium spinel red, spotted in cardinal red, heavily on dorsal lobe, 3.8in(9.5cm) wide, 7 lobes; trusses of 15-18; Late Midseason; 6 ft.; -5F(-21C); Plant upright, rounded, well-branched; glossy leaves 6 in(15.2cm) long. Charles Herbert, reg. 1976.

Valley Forge #2 (Herbert)

Atrosanguineum x (fortunei x williamsianum)

Pink; Rose with black blaze in throat; elepidote; Herbert.

Verde (Rhein)

Marchioness of Lansdowne x Janet Blair

Hybrid by Dr. W.L. Rhein.

[(Verna Phetteplace x yak. Exbury) x (Hotei x yak)] #2 (MacMullan)
 [(Verna Phetteplace x yakushimanum Exbury) x (yakushimanum Exbury x Hotei)] #2

Yellow, creamy yellow flowers, mid-May, fine shiny foliage, low growing, 3' x 5', hardy to -15

Vinecrest x Sweet Lulu (Looye)

Vinecrest x Sweet Lulu

Yellow, medium yellow flowers, early May, 6' x 4' (10 years); ARS Seed Exchange 1999-883, Looye (Cordy).

Virginia Delp (Al Smith)
Virginia Delp

Kristin x Calsap

Light purple; very wavy-edged flower with light purple margins shading to very pale purple at center, large blotch moderate yellow. Tall, conical trusses 6in(15.2cm) x 6in; Late Midseason; 2.5 ft.; -15F(-26C); A.W. Smith, cross; reg. 1989.

Whittenton (Dexter)

Parentage unknown (Reputedly a subsection Fortunea hybrid)

Pink; Flowers light purplish pink on a vigorous plant; fragrant. Midseason; 6 ft.; -15F(-26C); Dexter, cross; Willard, raiser; J. Wells, reg. 1980.

Will's Wisp (Rhein)
Will's Wisp

fortune x Vulcan

Pink; Flowers in conical trusses of 14, openly funnel-shaped, scented, 6 flat-edged lobes; deep pink in bud, opening pale orange yellow
edge strong purplish pink, spotted and streaked vivid yellow green on upper lobes; outside midribs streaked deep pink; trusses 5in
(12.7cm) high by 6.5in(16.5cm) wide; Midseason; 6 ft.; -20F(-29C); Dr. W.L. Rhein, Mechanicsburg, PA, cross; reg. 1996.

Windbeam Improved (Mehlquist)

Parentage unknown

White, white flowers tinged pink, early May, more compact habit than 'Windbeam' 3' x 3' (8 years); Mehlquist.

World Peace (Tom Ring)

Catalgla x Graf Zeppelin

White, pure white flowers, slight trace of indumentum on leaves, mid-May, 4' x 5'; Tom Ring.

yakushimanum x Brittania (Reese) yakushimanum x Brittania
yakushimanum x campanulatum

yakushimanum x campanulatum

White flowers, very nice yakushimanum-like foliage, heavy indumentum, early to mid-May3.5' x 3.5' (12 years); (Rarefind).

yakushimanum x elegantum (Ahern?) yakushimanum x elegantum

White; From Whitney catalog. White flower on a well mounded plant. Dark green leaves have heavy tan indumentum. Plant is 4” around in 15 years. Blooms mid May.

yakushimanum x falconeri yakushimanum x falconeri

Yellow; From Whitney catalog. Yellow loose trussed flower. Plant is open and has light green leaves with light tan indumentum. Plant is 5' tall and 3' wide in 15 years.

yakushimanum x forrestii (Reese) yakushimanum x forrestii
yakushimanum x recurvoides yakushimanum x recurvoides

Yate's Treena (Yates)
Yate's Treena

(catawbiense var. album Glass, Catalgla x (wardii x unknown)) x (wardii x yakushimanum)

Yellow; Buds of rose, shaded yellow, open to canary yellow flowers, dorsal rays of burgundy spots, 3in(7.6cm) across, 5 wavy-frilled lobes, domed truss of 12-14; Late Midseason; 3f t.; -10F(-23C); Upright, plant branched well, wider than tall; cypress green foliage to 4in (10.2cm), held 2 years. H. Yates cross; Mrs. Yates, reg. 1984.

Zoe Graves (Dexter/Winterthur)
Zoe Graves

Parentage unknown

Purple; Broadly funnel shape flowers of 7 wavy-edged lobes, 3.3in(8cm) wide, light rose purple with deep purplish pink rims, a dark red blotch; domed truss of 10; Midseason; 4 ft.; -15F(-26C); Dull green, convex leaves. C.O. Dexter, cross; Winterthur Museum & Gardens, reg. 1987; elepidote.

 The conference committee is indebted to many for donating photographs for this Plant Sale Catalog including:

Tom Ahern
Norm Beaudry
Karel Bernady
John Doppel
Mimi Favre
Steve Henning
Robert Herald
Don Hyatt
Dennis MacMullan
Michael Mills
Joe Minahan
Sally & John Perkins
Tom Schuetz
Joan & Reid Warren
Jim Willheit
(apologies to any others)

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